I’m 50 Years Old and This Drink Helps Me Eliminate the Knee and Joint Pain in Just 5 Days!

Get a bag of ice or some frozen vegetables, wrap them in a towel and place them up against your knees for 5 to 10 minutes. The inflammation and numbing will decrease, so there should be less pain. You can ice the knees a number of times throughout the day after walking or exercising.

Decrease the Stress on Your Knees

One stressful activity that we do with our knees is standing. Look to see if you are standing unnecessarily. If you can move from standing to sitting, you will decrease the stress and pressure on your knees. This will lessen your knee pain and allow your knee joints to recover.

Think about how you sit. If you are sitting with your feet underneath your seat and with knees bent, you are still stressing the knees, which can lead to more knee pain. Straighten your legs when sitting to lessen the stress on the knees.

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